Hello! This is Megumi Orpheus

Megumi Orpheus

新しい世紀を目の前にして ひとつの扉をあけます

1982年日本を出発してから長い旅を続けてまいりましたが それは本当の自分を探す修養の旅でございました

ヒーリングセラピストとして成長しました今、このオルフェの窓をとおして 今まで育てていただきました皆様に 心から感謝をお伝えいたします

Orpheusオルフェウスとは 古代ギリシャの神話に残る神の名として知られていますが、
太陽 光 音の教えを説き 生命はひとつ 愛はひとつと伝えました

私の魂の鎖としてこの名をいただき NYでは独自の占星心理学をとおしてのアドバイスをしてまいりました

1993年日本に帰国 5月8日に故郷の三重県亀山で初めて自然に左手を使い 不思議な文字を書き始めました

その日から毎日のようにメッセージを筆先にうけるようになり 天界の指図を光の天使にガイドされて行動してまいりましたその内容は地球と生命の光波動調節をテーマとして 現在は日本 NY 欧州と各地をまわって光の癒しを行っています

多くのソウルメイトの方々との出会いをとおして 自分自身への気づきと成長を重ねて
毎日の生活の中に ただ真の光を見出したいと思っています


ふとたたずんでみると もう一人ではない私
空の鍵を 探しはじめましょう
空の窓は大きい! それをできる限りいっぱい広げて
恐れずに 自分の中に近づくこと
精一杯生きてみること 精一杯愛してみること

With the new century coming forth upon us, I am opening up a gate.
After leaving Japan in 1982, I have traveled a long way, on a journey to find myself. Since then, I have found my way as a healing therapist. I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone deeply, who has helped me through, and show my appreciation through the "Window of Orpheus".
Orpheus, is one of the Gods in ancient Greek Mythology. He has taught the wholeness and unity of life itself and love, through the elements of sun, light, fire and sound.
As a mirror to my soul, I have been given this name, and have advised many people through my understanding of astrological therapy in New York.
After returning to Japan in 1993, I went back to my home town, Kameyama, in the Mie prefecture. On May 8th, an incident changed my life forever, my left hand was suddenly taken over by unknown force, and started to draw mysterious symbols. From this day on, I received numerous Heavenly messages from the Angel of light, and lived my life according to their guidance. The message was about the balance of "light" between the Earth and the living soul, and presently I go between Japan, NY and Europe, carrying these messages to heal souls through the power of "light".
Coming across many soulmates, I was able to recognize and expand myself. And through this journey, I found the joy in living life as it is meant to be. I live each day in hoping to seek the true light.
I pray for the peace of the world.
I hope for the wellness of all living souls.

Where Gold and Silver flow into a stream
The harmony of people create life
When I stop and look around
I see that I am not alone anymore
I thank everyone for all their love and support
Let us begin to search for the key to the sky
The sky that withholds all the hope and possibilities
And the key to which opens us up to its infinity
Do not be afraid
And accept your innerself
For them, you will be able to find your true self
We can all relive our life again and again
As long as we live in the life we follow
Live life to the fullest
Love life to the fullest
If I could help everyone bloom the beautiful flower of the inner soul
It would mark the meaning of my journey


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