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Ancient Egypt Past Life

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Let's go into the big ocean. Let's go in again.
It's a nostalgic place.
I see a big, big ocean, let's go into it.
The sea of green and blue is so beautiful. Let's go in again.
Yes, it's a place of memories.

There used to be a big underground city, as you might remember…
And yes, we could walk all the way down the big stairs.
There was a staircase that goes all the way to the bottom.
When we walked in, it was cool, and we felt so good inside .
It is the story of a distant memory. It is a vision of my soul.

There was a huge underground city. The ancient Egypt.
At that time, the big sun was shining , and it was too hot to stand on the ground.
I could only go outside at certain times of the day.
That is why I worked on a sphinx in the shape of a special animal.
It is different from the Sphinx of today.
We are entering into a vision of ancient Egypt once upon a time.

Let's go into the underground City together.
I was going back and forth between that City and the Sphinx above ground.
It was a long time ago...
There were various rooms that were made with great precision.
I remembered those room one, by one…one, two, three…

The first room is filled with emerald blue light.
And a special liquid is kept in there.
The surrounding area is filled with emerald blue liquid in a transparent container.
In the center of the room, there is a bed made of magnificent marble.
This is where special operations and important surgeries were performed.
There are many excellent doctors, as well.
I am standing next to one of the doctors, to do Energy Transmission through my hands.
It is an integration of science, medicine, and spirituality.

I , treated patient's throats, feet, and everything else, besides the doctors.
The emerald blue liquid is like an anesthetic today.
The patient inhales it through the throat during the operation,
I put it in through my throat.
The operation was performed while maintaining the balance of the body.
We had excellent doctors.
My father, who is now my father, was also a doctor in that emerald blue room.
He is the one who made the special pill tablets.
The first room was an exquisitely crafted emerald blue room.

Next is with the ruby light.
This room is filled with red transparent light, as red as rubies,
where a superior "medicine is being made. It is a special medicine.
I go back and forth in that room as well, because the medicine was made based on my drawing of the numeric letters of the universe.

I draw the numerical values of the universe in horizontal lines.
They use them as the basis for making various excellent medicines.
That is Ruby's red room.
I regularly climb to the top of the sphinx on the ground.
At night, I look at the night sky through its eye-like windows.
Receiving messages from all the planets,
I wrote them down, as I always do, those unique letters.
It was my duty to show them to the people of Underground City.
I was a spiritual being.
On the wall of that red room were the letters of my cosmic values,
flowing like the screen of a computer of today.

In the middle of the room, there was a big thick earthen tube-like thing.
While making medicine, you can hear sounds.
The Sound.
Based on the letters of the numbers in the universe, there are various sounds,
With which, we treat the entire body.
Depending on the texture of the sound, the medicine is also different.
It's a wonder. Wonder-ful thing.
Everything is made from the numerical letters of the universe that I have drawn.

The third room... a room of deep deep green.
There is a large map, which is a celestial map.
There are many people in charge of drawing the map.
They are making the map while looking at the letters of the cosmic values I draw.
Green, the green room... there are many of us.
It is an underground city made of excellent numbers.

I'm telling you everything I remember about ancient Egypt.
There is a large hallway, made of a special kind of material.
(It's like stainless steel or tinplate today.)
It's very cool and the temperature and humidity are constant.
Now, let's go down that big hallway.

You will see the pyramids lined up in order on the left.
Yes, one and a third are above ground, and the other two thirds are underground.
You can see a special pyramid.
It is built along the road to the left.

The first one is a very transparent pink pyramid.
Inside it is a pyramid of regeneration, rejuvenating all the cells.
It feels very, very good.

The second one is green. The green pyramid.
The pyramid of green, where all the energy of life is stored all the time, like the stars of the planet.
The green pyramid. The power to create everything.
Yes, moss light green and dark areas all the way around.
A very pleasant pyramid.

And the third one is a special little gold pyramid.
I brought this gold light with me when I first came to Earth from outer space.
That's the third pyramid. A small pyramid.
It's filled with gold light. It's the center.
That's the central light of Underground City.

Let's move on.
The next pyramid... a big, big silver-blue pyramid.
At the top, the apex is a deep emerald blue color.
Towards the bottom, the silver blue becomes lighter and lighter.
A light that treats. Medically speaking, the silver blue light has strong sterilizing power.
Everything was treated with the silver blue light.
And of course, the emerald blue light.

The next one is light purple and yellow together.
The yellow light of the yellow is shining at the top.
At the bottom, there is a transparent light purple glowing.
The yellow is combined with the sun.
Sometimes it glows with an orange light.

And then there is the sixth pyramid. A special purple pyramid.
It's the same purple light that shines on the top of my head.

The six pyramids are lined up just in the same way my six chakras, from the frontal lobe to the top of my head.
The purple pyramid is the same as the purple light that shines on the top of my head.
In the underground city where these special pyramids are lined up
All of my friends were present.
Yes, it reminds me. That's wonderful.
It is an underground city made with precision.
The numerical characters of my universe were used in this way.

We could go up and dawn to the the basement through a large staircase on the back of a large sphinx.
I was on mission periodically.
One day, there was a big flood....
There was a natural catastrophe, and ancient Egypt was swept away.
The underground city that we had built was also swept away.
Well, I did my best until the last moment.
In the underground city, there was a very bad epidemic.
Everyone was dying.
I did my best to treat them.

The emerald blue room in particular was made with such precision that it remained until the end.
I was there to tend to the infected and injured until the end.
The other doctors were also working together.
But everything was being swept away.
My friends, my brothers, and my father did their best to do their part until the end.
I remember. I remember that time.

Only the celestial maps that were drawn at that time remained in storage.
The maps of all the celestial bodies on the planet were stored in a special place by the people who were responsible for them.
This is how they remained forever.
Remember that.

After all of this long time ,
my own soul memory of my role in this ancient Egypt came back to me.
Yes, everything is Science. Everything is science.
The cosmic world, the divine and spiritual world, the human world, everything is a comprehensive science.

Once again, here, now , a new ship is being built.
My friends are raising their voices.
Once again, the ship of the soul, the ship of the light, are starting again.
It's great biginning. Wonderful meetings are waiting for you.

Megumi Orpheus Sugitani
(Ancient Egypt Past Life Voice message 2004)